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This is the new Mono, the V3.

It is a complete redesign, with a much improved lock mechanism.

This latest iteration is created for the needs of sustained cutting in harsh environments. More specifically, for cutting underwater as a dive knife.

The new locking mechanism allows a more positive blade retention of both straight-edge and hook blades.

The original Mono was created as a light duty knife, hence the simple push-to-deploy mechanism. It was designed to be deployed or retracted quickly.

However such mechanism also meant that the blade might get dislodged under hard cutting, especially from side to side motion.

This iteration with the new lockbar will keep blade secure even from twisting, bending or tugging actions. The only time the blade will come off is when the lockbar is pinched apart.

So while the blade retention is more secure, the ease of use remained. With some practice, the Mono can be operated intuitively without looking at it.

Single handed operation is retained in the new Mono, as it is crucial feature when used as a survival dive knife.

Also improved with this new design is edge retention of the blades. Without the side to side motion of the original Mono, cutting edges remain sharper for longer.

Mono supports various Stanley 1991 standard utility blades of 0.6mm thickness.


The original Mono was the first utility knife to be made from a monobloc construction. Revealed in 2019, it was initially released in a limited run.