The Monobloc Utility Knife (MUK) is a fully functional, self-locking utility knife machined from of a single piece of Grade 5 Titanium.

This design evolved from Mono, which was the first ever single-piece utility knife holder. The monobloc design was originally intended to eliminate the problem of stripped screws during cleaning, or lost screws while being carried/used. It is a common issue with tiny screws for tiny knives like these.

The idea then was to simply eliminate the use of screws altogether and build all the functional features right into one component, the frame itself. The end result is a design that is deceptively simple.

The monobloc construction is very rigid. Open frame design allows no-fuss cleaning. Titanium means it is rust-proof. It is also non-magnetic, yet rattle-free. When used with a ceramic blade, it can be MRI-safe.

The MUK accepts standard utility blades. A Stanley 11-921 blade in included. It can accept blade up to 0.8mm thickness. Standard blades are 0.6mm.

Ships directly from maker in Malaysia.